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Hogtunes NCA 40.4 160 watt Amp

Hogtunes NCA 40.4 160 watt Amp

355.20 $



Hogtunes NCA 40.4 160 watt Amp
This 40 watt x 4 channel amp is mounted in the fairing on top of the radio like our other amps in the past, but this has a few special features to make the fit perfect.

The amp comes with a slanted front so it matches the front of the fairing, it has a rubber support foot it hold the amp in place you do not have the XM module and have just the CB module.

There is a dish designed in the top of the heat sink on the amp to make room for the stock wiring harness in the fairing. The dish makes sure there is no stress put on the harness after the product is installed!

There is a front out-put for running a pair of front speakers, a rear out-put for running rear speakers or speakers in the lower glove boxes. There is also a by-pass out-put that takes the radios power and can be used to run even more speakers!

The rear out-put of the amp has a gain control allows you to increases or decrease the volume of the speakers on this channel to get the sound you want.

This amp is compatible with all Hogtunes tweeter pods and it is recommended that 2 ohm speakers be present in the system for maximum out-put like our 902.2-AA – 117.2-AA rears.

This is NOT for use with tour Pak mounted amps!

*2 ohm speakers required (not included)



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